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I've Got Talent!

For those guitarists out there who are interested in taking your playing to the next level, consider reading "THE BIG LEAP: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level" by Gay Hendricks, in which the author refers to entering our “Zone of Genius”.  This book refers to focusing on the set of activities that we are each uniquely suited to do.  These are activities, that when you do them, seem like they take no time at all to do and are effortless.  They seem less like work and more like fun. …

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One Step Forward for Guitarists

Hi there guitar lovers and lovers of life.  We’re here to tell you that you can achieve anything if you are consistent and take one step forward with everything that you do.  All you have to do is take small steps and be consistent.  Nothing earned that is worthwhile is ever done overnight. 

Consider the following:   

For those of us readers who have a 4 year college degree, we realize that it wasn’t just a decision to get a college degree that made it happen.  It was the 4 years.  It was the 1,461 days. …

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Goal Setting for Guitarists (and anyone else)

In our latest article here at Shred-Machine, we’d like to address goal setting. Goal setting is not only something that is important to us as guitarists but it is also important to us as people in general. Without goals, it is hard, if not impossible, to achieve anything significant in life. On the large scale, could you imagine the Apollo missions to the moon ever having success without sequential goals being set and met?  Or, on a more personal level as guitarists, when we want to achieve a certain…

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Interested or Committed?

A great karate instructor once said – “are you interested in learning karate or are you committed to learning karate?”  While this was said in a dojo, this brings up a great point when applied to learning guitar – are you committed to learning guitar or are you just interested in learning guitar? 

Interest is great; it starts you off on whatever you want to do, but in order to get really good at something you must be committed. 

For guitar, interest will get you to learn a few basic chords and after a…

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Randy Rhoads Warmup Exercises and More: Complete February 1982 Guitar Clinic

The below article was posted online on Guitar World and written by Andy Aledort on 11/12/2015 

Few musicians in the history of rock have been as beloved—revered, really—as Ozzy Osbourne’s late guitarist and musical soul mate, Randy Rhoads. 

Only 25 when he was killed in an airplane accident in 1982, Rhoads managed in a few short years to establish himself as one of the most innovative guitar players in the world. 

On landmark Ozzy songs like “Flying High Again,” “Crazy Train” and “Mr. Crowley,” the…

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Performing and Stage Fright

Performing in front of an audience can be a nerve wracking experience. We can become tense even just thinking about being on stage in front of people let alone when we actually have to perform on stage. This is called Stage Fright and to give you a feeling for what it is like, here are some of the experiences that I’ve actually had on stage: something that you’ve practiced a million times suddenly escapes your brain and you can’t remember your part in a song and you are the one starting the song; you miss…

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Practicing on the Guitar

"How often should I practice?" "What do I do if I don't have time to practice?" "What do you do when you don't feel like practicing?" "What if you're not feeling very good about your playing and don't feel like practicing?" 

These and similar questions have been asked of me over the years and the answer is varied on this one. We all know that practicing at anything in life makes you better at it. This in particular, applies to guitar. Frequently, we're all busy in our lives and it's hard to find time to…

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Shred-Machine begins Motivational Lick video series

The online lead-guitar oriented website, Shred-Machine, has launched a new series of videos called "Motivational Licks".  According to Rob Compagna, the founder and CEO of Shred-Machine, these videos are intended to inspire guitar players during those times when they are feeling down about their playing. 

Says Rob, "There are so many videos out there that teach players guitar licks and songs, but there's a lot more to guitar than just the physical part.  If you don't feel good about your playing and good…Read more

Kickstarter Successfully Funded!!

First off, apologies for the delay, we've been busy already investing in video equipment and rejoicing, because...

The Shred-Machine Kickstarter has been funded!  Thank you to everyone who contributed, you've all helped us tremendously.  We raised just over $3000, enough to afford us camera equipment and make a beautiful video studio to be the scene Shred-Machine's video content.  Your contributions have given Shred-Machine the ability to thrive, not just in our upcoming first series, but in manner more to…Read more

Kickstarter Progress

Status report!! 
  • We've raised almost $1,000 so far! 
  • BUT we still need $2,000
  • AND we only have 15 more days!! 
We believe in Shred-Machine and the community that has supported us thus far, we just need a little boost to reach our goal.  Share this post with anyone you believe may be interested in us, and donate if you can.  Every little bit helps. We can't wait to unveil Shred Machine in June, with your help we can do so! 

Here's a quick summary of who we are and what our project is for: 

So many…Read more
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