Shred Machine Fundamentals

Here are key videos that give you all of the basic techniques and motivational inspiration that you need to become the guitarist that you've always wanted to be.  Start watching and then start practicing!

How do you get to be where you'd like to be on guitar?  The answer is "one step at a time."  Watch this video to find out how.

Guitarists!  Feeling bummed about your playing?  Check out this inspiring motivational video for guitarists from us here at Shred-Machine!

The third video in our Building Blocks series is all about Major Arpeggio shapes. If you've watched our Minor Arpeggios video, this video should come easily for you. Included as a free PDF of the scale shape discussed in this video. Enjoy! 

Click here for the lesson materials

Our second in our free instructional video lesson series, this time about minor arpeggio shapes. A great opportunity to utilize the Economy Picking techniques from the previous video.  Included below is a free PDF of the scale shapes discussed in this video lesson. Enjoy! 

Click link for the lesson materials.

Our first in our series of free instructional videos that are important building blocks for the 18 week Shred Machine program, Economy Picking is the crucial first piece that you need as you build your arsenal.  Watch and then start implementing!

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