Kickstarter Successfully Funded!!

First off, apologies for the delay, we've been busy already investing in video equipment and rejoicing, because...

The Shred-Machine Kickstarter has been funded!  Thank you to everyone who contributed, you've all helped us tremendously.  We raised just over $3000, enough to afford us camera equipment and make a beautiful video studio to be the scene Shred-Machine's video content.  Your contributions have given Shred-Machine the ability to thrive, not just in our upcoming first series, but in manner more to come down the road that we have planned, and cannot wait to share with you.  

We're already in motion, getting started with creating a video studio for Shred-Machine videos.  We're excited to share our progress with you on that front as well, and hopefully we soon will!  Expect some content soon, and expect your rewards shortly as well.  We're hard at work as we head into the final month and a half of Shred-Machine prep.  We will launch on June 1st, get ready!  And once again, thank you for believing in Shred-Machine and choosing to invest in us.  It means the world to us, and it just inspires us to make Shred-Machine even more! 

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