Kickstarter Progress

Status report!! 
  • We've raised almost $1,000 so far! 
  • BUT we still need $2,000
  • AND we only have 15 more days!! 
We believe in Shred-Machine and the community that has supported us thus far, we just need a little boost to reach our goal.  Share this post with anyone you believe may be interested in us, and donate if you can.  Every little bit helps. We can't wait to unveil Shred Machine in June, with your help we can do so! 

Here's a quick summary of who we are and what our project is for: 

So many people worldwide wish to learn guitar, but struggle in one area or another. Private lessons are often too expensive or not possible for most people. Rob Compagna, a veteran guitar instructor from the Boston MA area, decided he would provide a solution; that solution comes to you in the form of Shred-Machine.

Shred-Machine is an online guitar education startup, formed in 2014 with the goal of offering guitarists worldwide a chance to become the guitarist and musician they're always wanted to be, at an affordable price. 

Shred-Machine's debut self-titled series will be all about fast rock soloing, or shredding. Being able to shred on guitar is something many guitarists dream of, but many struggle with to the point where they will even quit guitar in the process of trying to learn. Shred-Machine's revolutionary system of teaching, using an easily attainable step by step process, is proven and tested. 

We're looking to raise $3,000 to acquire video equipment, so our content can look its best. We need the equipment before we can finish our first series, launching June 1st, but will also be using it for many planned projects down the road on topics such as learning guitar as a beginner and more. We will also, with the money from the Kickstarter, be able to release frequent free content, available to literally any guitarist WORLDWIDE! 

We're incredibly excited to be launching our program, we just need a little assistance before we can launch. Please check out ourkickstarter project here, or use this link:

To read more about Shred-Machine go to:

Please consider donating, or if you can't, share with anyone who may be interested in our mission. And of course if you have any tips from your experience crowdfunding, we'd love to hear them. Thanks! 

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